Frequently Asked Questions

What information are you importing from LinkedIn and why?

Hub collects the following information from your LinkedIn profile: first and last name, photo, profile URL and primary email address. Except for your email address, this information is shown to other users on your Hub profile. Once imported, these fields can be edited on Hub, and changes do not affect your profile on LinkedIn.

If you don’t want to import this information from LinkedIn, you can always sign up using a native account on Hub.

What are HITs?

Hub Incentive Tokens, or HITs for short, are the currency used to exchange products and services between users on Hub. Hub also rewards you with HITs for various actions on the platform. You can see how many HITs you have by going to your settings screen.

What can I use my HITs for?

You can use HITs to pay for events, boost posts, and redeem for Hub’s cryptocurrency. More ways to use HITs will be coming soon.

What are HUB tokens?

HUB tokens are a cryptocurrency that promotes trusted interactions between people online. When you exchange HIT tokens for HUBs, you can sell HUB tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or cash (fiat).

HUB tokens live natively on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token, one of the most popular types of tokens that can be stored in cryptocurrency wallets.

Where are HUB tokens currently trading?

HUB tokens are currently trading on the following exchanges: (previously, HitBTC and Uniswap.

Are there limits to how much in rewards I can withdraw?

A minimum of 50 HITs and a maximum of 100 HITs every 30 days. You should have an account on Hub for at least 30 days before making your first withdrawal.

Where are HUB tokens sent?

HUB tokens are deposited onto the Polygon network, a highly scalable sidechain compatible with Ethereum. You can add the Polygon network to Metamask, a popular crypto wallet, and then you will be able to view HUB tokens in your wallets.

If you provide a wallet to Hub from a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure it can accept tokens on Polygon. You will lose your withdrawals forever if you provide a wallet that cannot accept these tokens.

What is the Polygon network?

The Polygon network is a highly scalable sidechain compatible with Ethereum. It facilitates faster transfers at much lower costs. You need MATIC tokens to transfer tokens within Polygon or migrate HUB tokens out from Polygon to Ethereum. Use this link to receive some MATIC.

Can I bring my HUBs to the main Ethereum network?

Yes absolutely. HUBs on Polygon can be migrated to Ethereum. Follow these instructions to withdraw your tokens to the Ethereum network. You will need to pay transaction fees in MATIC and ETH.

Why did the HITs I earned go down?

If your HIT balance went down, it means the content (post, comment, etc) violated the anti-spamming community guidelines, and your content was removed. If the posted content has no value or not relevant to the community/event, the content will be removed and HITs will be deducted. In some cases, an additional penalty may also be imposed and the user will be banned from the Hub platform.

Why can’t I login to my account?

If you had an account on Hub, and you are no longer able to login, it means your account was banned for violating Hub’s anti-spamming community guidelines


Hub will act as primary support provider of the services herein identified except when third-party vendors are employed who shall assume appropriate service support responsibilities accordingly.

Wherever possible Hub will endeavor to acknowledge any support tickets in 1 hour or less, and in the initial response provide a solution or estimated time frame for a solution to be delivered. Support hours are 9am – 5pm Pacific Monday to Friday.


If you have more questions, email [email protected].